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Saint Peter's Church is a blessed community of Faith grounded in the power of God's transforming love, where Jesus Christ welcomes all to abundant life. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we follow Him in prayer and praise, study and service.
Week of May 24, 2015

In your daily devotions this week pray for the Church of Northern Luzon, Philippines; the members and ministry of the Bishop's Advisory Commission on Liturgy, the candidates and postulants; and Katlin McCallister, Frank Goss, Francis Hubbard, Deborah Piggins, Peter Manzo, Timothy Cogan, Bruce Montgomery, John Powell, Jean Smith and John Steed, priests of our diocese.

The Flowers on the Altar are given to the greater glory of God and in loving memory of Fred and Dorothy Griffiths, parents of Suzanne Crawford.

Baptism - We welcome into Christ's holy family, Sebastian Kai and Asher Ryan, sons of Robert and Mary Renshaw who will be baptized at the 5:00 pm service on Saturday.

May food drive – Suggested donations for May include pasta, pasta sauce, canned pasta (spaghetti-os, ravioli, lasagna). As Always, other items are also welcome. Thank you very much for your continued support of our food drive for the people served by the Christian Caring Center.

Thank you to our Pentecost foreign language readers: 5 pm: Sue Crawford (Latin), Anita Beard (French), Edie Green (Spanish), Barbara Dane (French); 7:45 am: Anita Beard (French), Enrique Dominguez (Spanish), Laurie Barbato (German); 10:15 am: Mike Orlando (Koine Greek), Mary Shone and Sarah Cureton (Latin), Tiffany Myers (French), Ellie Myers (Spanish), Pat Lusk (Italian), Jack Hobson and Laurie Barbato (German).

Coffee Hour – Next week we will have a special reception to welcome Bishop Stokes to St. Peter's. After the 10:15 service we will be having tea sandwiches, fresh fruit and vegetables, desserts and a cake. We will also be having punch. We are in need of volunteers to make tea sandwiches, serve and bring in other food items. Please sign up in the narthex to help with this special occasion.

St. Peters Grounds Clean-up Day – St. Peter's annual grounds clean-up will be on Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 9:00am to noon. We will be concentrating on work in the Memorial Garden. We plan to rake, weed, and mulch, and plant in several areas. Please come and bring rakes, wheelbarrows, shovels, trimmers and gardening tools. This is an excellent opportunity for teenagers to give meaningful community service. Laurel will also be cleaning the kitchen in Williams Hall and would appreciate your help. Martin Banecker, Property and Grounds

Vacation Bible School: July 12-16 Hands Across the Water - This summer our VBS will center around the relationship we have with Redemption School in Haiti. The children will learn about this beautiful, but challenged country and the lives of the children who live there. We will be using some wonderful children's books that tell the stories of Haitian children who have gone through earthquakes and flooding, but who also love to play soccer, enjoy the rich Haitian tradition of storytelling, ride on a Tap Tap (the name for the Haitian buses) and go to school just like our kids do. We'll sing, play games, have snacks, and learn how our lives are similar and different from Haitian children. We'll also learn how God works in their lives and ours. We will need some help with collecting items for our VBS week. Please save Huggies wipe containers and plastic grocery bags. There will be containers in the Narthex for collecting these items. A list of additional items will be available soon too.

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